E-Business Solutions helps you address your fundamental business and process management challenges and then enables those improvement programs with technology.

In order to optimize core business functions and processes like CRM, Order Fulfillment, Procurement, Human resources, Manufacturing, Marketing, Projects and general enterprise-wide resource management, you've got to consider the potential impact of technology. We'll work with you to address the business issues and improve processes, organization and functions and then enable those improvements through the effective and efficient application of technology. Successful implementation of enterprise solutions makes your company - "Real-Time Enterprise".

Characteristics of Intelligent, Real-Time Enterprise:
The Real-time Enterprise facilitates spontaneous transaction flow and information transparency throughout the extended enterprise, minimizing latency and labor. The Real-Time Enterprise:


Provides 24x7 availability, flexible demand-driven scalability, security and administration
Enhances revenue through superior market access, intelligence and time-to-revenue
Reduces costs by streamlining every process using the Web
Decreases excess inventory through improved analytics
Makes its information transparent
Assumes a dynamic network, enabling instant collaboration and low-cost, real-time interaction

Uses a distributed architecture that works with the applications, systems and processes a business already has in place
Allows non-intrusive customization and configuration, enabling businesses to better differentiate their brand
Is highly adaptive-because change is constant and it happens fast
Integrates data, applications and workflow
Gives customers a single user interface across disparate applications


EgyMark not only provides e-business consulting but also assists your business in the implementation as well. EgyMark helps clients in making existing systems, process software and Internet capable.

EgyMark consultants represent the top in their field and are experienced, highly trained, and dedicated to your success and interests. They will provide a fair, balanced, and objective analysis after a thorough review. EgyMark consultants are motivated problem solvers and can complement or replace the work of your internal risk management and project management personnel.

Our consulting services have been designed to assist organizations in any stage of software development or Information Technology Implementation, and can be employed to evaluate projects that seem to be running smoothly or used to quickly recover on projects that are already destined for trouble.

EgyMark requires 4 weeks after signing contracts to complete all administration activities to allocate the suitable staff at any project

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